Unbroken Hours


Q.) What is a visual novel?

A.) A visual novel immerses a user into a story filled with graphics and text. The length, genre and interaction vary from novel to novel. Some contain game play, multiple choices, multiple routes, multiple endings, music, puzzles, or more.

Q.)What is an otome game?

A.)An otome game is where the main character can develop a romantic relationship with one of the available male characters and occasionally, female characters.

Q.)What type of visual novel is Princess of Ruin?

A.)Princess of Ruin is an otome visual novel that contains multiple routes where your choices can affect the ending.

Q.)Why is this commercial?

A.) It takes us a lot more time to produce better quality work compared to our free releases. Our usual development time spans over the course of two years, and only during our spare time. We like long and complete games. At this current stage, it’s almost impossible for us to produce long and free work in the same context.

Q.)After purchasing Princess of Ruin, my download URL is blocked?

A.)This is from BMT Micro's built in security system. If you have this issue, please contact us with the same email you used to purchase the product

Q.)My other questions aren't answered here.

A.)Don't be afraid to contact us!