Unbroken Hours

Change log

To grab the newest version, just use the download links you've received when you bought Princess of Ruin.

Version 1.5 Update

-Bug fixes:
  • · Four known typos fixed.
  • · The wrong notification in Zhel's dark path is fixed.
  • · Demo's ending message was outdated and only relevant in the pre-order version. It is properly updated.
  • · Demo updated so saves from v1.5 works with this version.

Version 1.4 Update

-Bug fixes:
  • · Effects at the end of Cyraen's dark path fixed. It nows shows up properly.

-Art refined in nearly 50 CGs, includes:
  • · Ch4: Alexander and Xallaun together
  • · Various outfit errors and angles fixed
  • · Replacing various pixellated CGs
  • · Various 'incomplete' colouring fixed
  • · Various polishing and colouring fixes where colours look like pasty skin patches, or where colour bleeds through lines

Version 1.3 Update

-Bug fixes:
  • · Points in Alexander's last choice in the light route now works
  • · Zhel's ending 15 now works properly with the choices in ch 9
  • · Kione's missing blush sprite now appears in his dark route
  • · Hazel's sprite appears properly between expression changes
  • · Cyraen's scene at the beginning of the dark path repeats twice fixed
  • · Two known typos fixed in Ch6 and Zhel's Ch8

-Refined effects and transitions in Kione's dark route. Added a new effect in his route as well.
-Shortcuts unlocked notification now very noticeble when you unlocked a path

-Art refined, includes:
  • · Ralys's blush sprite bleeds through: fixed
  • · Xallaun's dark route sprite
  • · Ch4: Alexander and Xallaun's CG
  • · Ch8: Alexander
  • · Ch9: Alexander's Savior CG changed - view again to see variation
  • · Ch8: Kione's Hug CG
  • · Ch9: Kione's light path CG
  • · Ch9: Changed outfits for Kione's Ending 12

Version 1.2 Update

-Bug fixes:
  • · Cyraen appearing twice
  • · Cyraen's missing sprite in ch9 on his path
  • · Ralys's Ch4 CG missing in the gallery

-1.5k words removed from the prologue and chapter 1. Most deleted text are repeated info and dialogue.
-Shortcut button shows up at the start instead of later
-CG Gallery code updated to show which page you're on
-New fan art added
-CG variation addition: Cyraen's light path, dark ending

-CGs refined includes:
  • · Ch4: Alexander and Xallaun
  • · Ch5: Cyraen and hero dolls
  • · Ch5: Kione and Cyraen's night time CG
  • · Ch8: Ralys attacks
  • · Ch8: Zhel and Raissa
  • · Ch9: Alexander's Lawful ending
  • · Ch9: Zhel's growth ending
  • · Ch9: Cyraen's darkest ending
  • · Ch9: Cyraen's first dark path CG
  • · Ch9: Kione's clarity ending
  • · Ch9: Xallaun's white kingdom ending
  • · Alexander's close up CG

Version 1.1 Update

- Fixed some backgrounds showed up at the wrong place.
- Fixed crash in the demo when you unlocked the CG gallery