Unbroken Hours



In the past, criminals were put in the Cleansing Circle to be cleansed of ill will. This magic was lost for fifty years until one young man resurrects this lost art, releasing prisoners who were left behind.

The prisoners learn that they are cleansed of more than just ill will. They've also lost their memories and feel programmed to perform specific tasks.

Join Raissa as she tries to find out why she was a prisoner, reverse the effects of the circle, and maybe fall in love...


This is an otome visual novel where the main character develops a romantic relationship with one of the male characters.

This visual novel also features an interactive story where player choices determine the ending of the story.


  • · 6 obtainable guys
  • · 24 unique endings
  • · 85+ unique CGs
  • · Just over 315,000 words
  • · Approximately 7-9 hours per route
  • · 22 original tracks

Other Info:

  • · Genre: Visual Novel, Otome, Fantasy
  • · Rating: 14+, contains blood and violence
  • · Platform: PC, Mac, and Linux