Princess of Ruin

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a visual novel?

A visual novel immerses a user into a story filled with graphics and text. The length, genre and interaction vary from novel to novel. Some contain game play, multiple choices, multiple routes, multiple endings, music, puzzles, or more.


What is an otome game?

An otome game is aimed at the female audience. The main character can develop a romantic relationship with one of the available male characters and occasionally, female characters.


What is a dating sim?

A dating sim is a simulation where the main goal is to date and achieve a relationship with one of the several obtainable characters. The game play usually consists of schedules and stat raising.


How do I run Frozen Essence?

Extract the files and open it with Frozen Essence v2.exe
If your computer cannot view the contents, download Winrar and install it. Right click the file and extract contents to the location of your choice. Then you can open this visual novel with Frozen Essence v2.exe


Some graphics are missing or they disappear during a game

There are a few solutions.

1.) If you use Windows, make sure DirectX is updated. Update DirectX from their website.

2.) Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

3.) Force the game to read from a different driver.
Press shift+G after the game starts. You will see something like this.

Try one of the other renderers and restart the game and see if it works. If it doesn't, do this again with another renderer.

If this works and you're missing images in your old save files, your old save files may still have missing images. You'll have to start a new game.


When will your newest project come out?

While we'd like to work full time on these projects, we're a small group of people balancing our jobs and school work with our current projects. We're definitely trying our best. You can follow us on social media if you want to keep up with our updates.


My download password is blocked?

This is from BMT Micro's built in security system. If you have this issue, please contact us with the same email you used to purchase the product.